Welcome to Country Style Accents!  We are so glad you are here.  Country Style Accents was established in 2010.  This is where the creating, building, and growing the passion for furniture and design began.  Our creative passion is to be able to create furniture as well as take the decor and create the space of your dreams without the high priced cost.  We believe that custom doesn’t always have to be the most expensive and we firmly believe in great quality not only in materials, but as well as in the work we do.

We believe everyone should have a space they can come home to and feel relaxed and proud of.   And over the years, we have helped many clients achieve that goal.  Whether it’s creating the space with decorating or creating the custom pieces of farmhouse style furniture they are looking for.


New Things Coming for April

I’ll be honest, it’s been……challenging not getting in the shop […]