Hello!  I hope you all are surviving this wonderful Minnesota weather we are embracing.  It’s cold, it just keeps snowing, it makes us long for summer months to come.  But in the meantime, there’s no better time like this to get those indoor projects done.  We have a rule around our own farm, summer months are for outdoor projects, and winter months are strictly for indoor projects.  My husband won’t let me paint even a single wall in our house during the summer months!  We need to take in as much sunshine while we can, not be stuck in the house painting a wall that could be done when we are stuck indoors.

Marie contacted me just before Christmas to help her design her new farmhouse living room.  The Zimmerman family was ready for ‘adult’ furniture as well as a space where they could entertain guests and family as well as creating spaces for their children’s toys and extra storage.  Her style was simple and neutral.  They also wanted the furniture layout to not only open nicely into the kitchen but keeping the windows as their main attraction.  The windows overlooked gorgeous oak trees and the great nature that surrounds their home.

Here are a few pictures of what we started with….

They were ready to retire an older used sofa for a more modern one that could handle the traffic of their kiddos.

One piece that Marie really loved was a blue chair that was handed down to her from a family member.  I could tell right away that she really loved the memories this very chair brought to her.  So I wanted to make sure we added this somewhere in this space.

Marie and I got the chance to meet at the store and go over some details to her living room.  While there, she expressed her interest in doing an accent wall.  I showed her the pretty blue wall we had in the store, and she fell in love.  And let me say, this was such a stunning choice!  The blue accent wall just has it’s own personality yet, ties in with the rest of the room.