Hello!  Happy Holidays!  Tomorrow, we celebrate Arli-Dazzle.  A day dedicated to welcoming Christmas in our town.  And what better way to welcome Christmas in our homes than celebrating Traditions.

Since I was a young child, I always remembered going to my grandma’s house during the Holidays.  Always located somewhere near the front door sat a little sleigh.  It was red and made of wood.  In it, she had tons of little wrapped presents in there.  She had this EVERY SINGLE YEAR.  Anyone who came to her home during the Holiday Season got to pick out a gift from this sleigh.  These gifts were so minimal.  Things like chapstick, napkins, a piece of candy, or gum.  Things she could buy in bulk and wrap up into this perfect little surprise.


As a child, my heart filled with excitement to be able to guess what something was and open it.  Didn’t matter what it was.  It was just fun to open a gift BEFORE Christmas!

Unfortunately, she had passed away a few years ago.  I still think of her often and this year I wanted to share this beautiful memory of her with all of you.  At the store, we have a Christmas tree in the front of the store.  Next to it, will be a sleigh filled with little gifts.  We welcome you to pick something out of the sleigh for a fun little surprise.  We have lots of great things for kids and adults!

You can find out everything you need to know for Arli-Dazzle activities here.  

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