It’s the Holidays.  It’s nearly Christmas!  Our town of Arlington, MN is made up of a population of roughly 2,100 people.  Not very big.  But each year, for the past 9 years, it has celebrated Christmas like none other can.  What first started out as a lighted parade, grew into something so much more.  It brings families together.  Friends together.  It gets them all to gather around for this very special day, to celebrate Christmas.

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Arlington really does not have any other big gatherings, as large as this, throughout the year.  So why now?  Why Christmas?

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It may sound cheesy, but I heard a saying on a wonderful Hallmark Christmas movie once.  And I couldn’t help to over think that saying.  “Christmas is a meaning of love that connects us all together.”  No matter our differences, no matter our stories, the warmth and joy Christmas brings out of people, is really what we are celebrating.  That’s why Hallmark makes a fortune off of great movies, right!?

So if not for any other reason than to connect with our friends and family, we do hope you visit our mini whirl of Christmas.

Arlington christmas 2017

To find the entire days list of activities, click here. 

To get a preview video, click here.

We will have the store full of Christmas spirit and delicious goodies.

We are open 9-3.

Parade starts at 5:30.

Get glimpses of what we will have coming to the store here.