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As the Holidays start to emerge, this is when a lot of people gravitate towards Pinterest for ideas.  Oh how the ideas are endless.  You search for Halloween decorating and craft ideas.  Then it’s hosting a dinner party.  Then Christmas.  Should I do all white this year?  Maybe all blue?  But I really love what red adds.  If you’re anything like me, you see a picture of something you think you may have loved!  Found all the accessories needed only to realize you didn’t really like it.  Or it didn’t fit.  Or your tablescape took so much time and energy and looks fantastic!  Perfect for a dinner party, right?  But you didn’t have enough time to finish cleaning the rest of the house, so not a single soul is allowed to see your house this way.

I really have a love hate relationship with Pinterest.  But this is what I have learned throughout the years.  If I decorate in a way that makes sense for my time, money, and space and it has a purpose or a memory, then I will play with the decorating part.  Our homes and styles will forever constantly change, unless you are my like my grandma was and was too scared to change the colors on the walls.  But as long as you LOVE something, it a beautiful meaning or purpose, then you will figure out 10 different ways to decorate with it.  For me, you can’t go wrong with decorating your home filled with things you love or just plain make you happy.

When it comes to my home, I have a few pieces that I absolutely would never live without.  I love old shutters.  They are not only hard to come by, especially in decent shape, but they are good pretty much anywhere.  I love old books.  My husband already came with boxes and boxes of books into our marriage, but over the years, I use them everywhere!  I use them as décor or as risers to give height to other décor I have.  I love my green cupboards.  I never realized how many green colored cupboards I have in my house, but I have 4.  (Apparently, I really like green….)  Each one is it’s own color, each one I’ve picked up at different places, and each one has it’s own story to tell.  But I’m not sure I could ever part with them.



We hope when you shop our store this Holiday season, you find a little something with a story or memory attached to it.  We want you to find things you love and cannot live without to make your home smile.  If it’s from handmade mittens to an old cupboard.

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