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I love seeing great furniture transformations!  More often than not, we pick up furniture pieces that really need some TLC.  Every piece is different, every piece has it’s own problems, and I try my hardest to ensure every piece gets the attention it needs to make sure everything is in perfect working order to last another entire life time.

This cabinet was no exception.  It was turned to it’s side, upside down, and back around again to get every angle completely fixed and perfect.

I spent hours scraping old paint and lost count after 16 sheets of sandpaper and 3 hours of sanding.

yellow cabinet

Every piece of hardware was taken off and scrubbed 3 different times.

My arms were jello after scrapping off all the old cracked paint from the top.

yellow cabinet1

A completely new base, feet, trim, and beadboard backing made this cabinet shine!!

yellow cabinet2

Can you spot the dirty floor and my foot prints??

yellow cabinet3

So onto the color.  I’m not sure what made me choose the color, I had a different color in mind.  But while through my HOURS of sanding, a completely different color and vision popped in my head and that was that.

cabinet 1

Are you ready for the after?



Ironically, I paint furniture.  However, I scrapped and sanded off all of it from the top.  I love a solid unique old wood.  The cuts and knicks and scratches left in it tells so much history.  I love to see that in an old piece of furniture.


There was at least 3 different colors of paint.  Everything from a pink color, mustard, and a lighter blue.  Then the parts that butted up next to a wall, were left unpainted.




You can purchase this blue pedestal stand here.  Hop over to our Facebook page and claim the $10 off your entire purchase offer!  Or enter the code SHOP16 at checkout.   It fit perfectly on top of this cabinet.




The little bit of bead board backing shines through when the doors are open.  I love hidden surprises.


The hardware is original.  As I scrubbed the hardware 3 different times, I came to the conclusion that it just wasn’t going to turn out perfectly.  I did have to repaint it all in the end.  It did have a copper color look underneath the tarnish and I decided to go with that look.


I sure hope you loved this transformation as much as I do.  It will be available for sale at Homespun Stitches Show in September.   Be sure to check their Facebook site as the date gets closer.

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blue cabinet wood top 2015

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