Custom Painting:  We offer a variety of custom painting options.  This is for the person who has the great piece of furniture but dislike the look of it or just doesn’t fit your space.  We can also do custom built furniture pieces.  We specialize in harvest style tables but the ideas are endless!



before and after cabinet

farm sink



Design Needs:  We are NOT a full design team.  However, we can help guide you through colors, furniture placement, furniture hunting, painting DIY questions and much more!  We invite you to walk through our store.  Take notes of things you like, dislike, bring your pictures and we can work with you to make an idea bloom.  We have experience in home staging, weddings, and many other events.  We have a list of great contractors we have worked with in the past jobs and we will gladly recommend them to you.

table staging


Rentals:  We do not stop at weddings!  We have an ever changing and growing rental inventory.  We work with you and your needs to create the look you envision.   Events we have rented inventory to: weddings, bridal showers, large family gatherings, Christmas gatherings, birthday parties, home staging for resale, corporate events, and anniversary parties just to name a few.  We also offer delivery, pick-up, and set-up services.  Please contact us for a full quote.

wedding dounut bar


Bridal shower ahg