My Growing Girls’ New Bedroom!!

Happy Friday Everyone!!!  It may be snowing (again) but I’m finally getting the pictures up of my daughter’s room.  I have to be honest, I’ve had her room done for weeks.  But I’ve been afraid to post pictures because she has already ‘moved’ back into her room.  Meaning, these pictures aren’t going to look straight […]

Rustic Shelves Using Barn Wood

As a mother, we often try and do the right things to keep ourselves ahead of the game.  Get stuff packed up and cleaned up the night before, makes LOTS of To-do lists, set out clothes the night before, plan to bring a purse full of wipes just in case and the list goes on and […]

An AMAZING Cake Recipe!!! You need to try it for yourself!!

I was in search of a yummy cake recipe.  I hit Google and started my search!  I came across Add A Pinch.  She claimed to have this recipe.  The Best White Cake Recipe {EVER}.  So I gave it a whirl. Let me tell you, she knows what she’s talking about!!!  Yum!!!  I made cupcakes with […]

Light Switch Cover Makeover!

I’ve been slowly getting little things done in each of the kids’ bedrooms.  On one wall, my daughter’s room has a little cluster of switches.  I thought I could dress them up a bit.  It was a lot easier than I thought too!  But I can’t help myself with these little details. What you will […]

10 Ways on How to Save Money While Living on a Farm

I have been a city girl my ENTIRE life.  We moved to a very rural area 7 months ago on my dream hobby farm.  Can you say the sky is….WOW!!  You’ve never seen a sky like THIS one until you’ve seen it in the country.  People always chuckled when we told them we were moving […]

Kids Bedrooms… Still in the works

This weekend we started working on the kids’ bedrooms.  It’s time to get the rest of their stuff out of boxes and organized!  I’m not sure why, but things always seem quicker in your mind than reality.  Reality is, we have 3 kids and only two of us.  Can you say OUT NUMBERED!  Plus one […]

Look What Came Into Our Yard Today!!

Out here in the country, this what flew into our yard today!!! This post sits right outside our kitchen windows. Isn’t he pretty!! Thank goodness our little black dog wasn’t outside.  He would’ve been a snack. Away he goes!!  This is the first I’ve ever seen an Eagle this close before.  You just can’t miss a bird THAT big […]

Kitchen Valance

Ever have that project that you just need another opinion on???  And the one from your husband saying ‘they all look good to me’.   I want to add valances onto the windows in the kitchen.  I’m thinking one of the 3 following choices. The first one is a potato sack.  Yes!  I thought this would be […]

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