Check this idea out! I have some random pieces of glass laying around my garage and I had no idea what I was going to do with them, until now!  So instead I’m going to make my own frames from scrap wood I have laying around the garage and liquid nail glue them to my glass to make […]

YES Christmas stuff already!!

Who doesn’t love reusing things for Christmas decoration?!  This is a corn seed planter with some cute greenery.  Don’t know what to do with the small old tool boxes??

To explore Minnesota!!

I started refinishing furniture because I LOVED doing it!  But now after doing this for awhile I can look back and remember all the places I’ve been that I’ve never been before and all the people I’ve met while doing this.  I find it amazing that I’ve lived in Minnesota my whole life and have […]

What’s in progress now!! Check out this old buffet!

I just picked this beautiful old buffet up 2 days ago!  I could help but start on it now even though my garage is filled with lots of other unfinished projects.  This is a another smaller buffet I picked up over a year ago!  (I know!)  It’s all a bird’s eye maple and the drawers […]

My Barn themed Wedding, with STYLE!

I know I haven’t posted much on here lately.  It is because it has been too darn hot to get much done!!  With that being said, however, it has allowed me plenty of time to get stuff done for my upcoming wedding!  Everything about our wedding has to do with US and the things WE […]


So it’s been a busy month so far!  Working in the heat makes it seems longer at times!  But I can’t complain better than snow!!  I have a bunch of new stuff that I got done this month for Mama’s Happy this weekend.  Check out my facebook pictures and get a peek! I hope […]

Great Support at Mama’s Happy in Mound this weekend!

WOW!!  What an amazing weekend so far at Mama’s Happy!  I can not believe the amount of supporters we have!  And I have to say, I LOVE WORKING THERE!  Everyone is so great and it really is a passion for all us Mama’s and even for the customers.  Or they wouldn’t be there shopping.  Now […]

A Duncan phyfe table that sums up what Country Style Accents is about!

I have had my share of ‘hard’ projects.  This one was no exception.  I had to strip this poor table down as much as I could to get the real rustic beauty to shine!  Well I will be the first to say, IT WAS WORTH IT!  If I had room for another table in my […]

More at MAMA’S HAPPY!! Starts Thursday 10-6pm!!

I could NOT help myself to add more pictures for the shop!  So many of the very talented woman we have brought more stuff in and really started to transform the store again!  Here are some more sneak peeks! What a great patriotic set up!  In time before the 4th of July comes around! Cute […]

Country Style Accents: Items that will be available at Mama’s Happy in Mound! COMING SOON!!!

Country Style Accents: Items that will be available at Mama’s Happy in Mound! COMING SOON!!!

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