Champlin Park HS Craft Show….

…Was a huge success!  However, I was so busy getting stuff ready and set up that I forgot to take pictures!  No worries though, today will be another huge work day or me and then next weekend (Saturda) I will be at the Maple Grove Community Center!  Until then check me out on facebook for more […]

Danielle’s Boutique in Lakeville, Minnesota

I met the very sweet lady today who sold me an INCREDIBLE piece!  (pictures really soon!)  But I learned that she has a great little shop in her backyard that she holds a Christmas Boutique with great little treasures!  I checked out her pictures on facebook and can’t wait to head out to her sale […]

“The key to success is often the ability to adapt.”

For the past 6 months I have been consigning at 2 stores, Mama’s Happy in Mound and Yesterday’s Charm in Buffalo.   I have decided to go down to 1 store, Yesterday’s Charm in Buffalo.  This decision has NOT been an easy one, however I feel as though a huge weight has been lifted and I can […]

October time!

Who doesn’t love the change of the season in Minnesota?!   This is the perfect painting weather and I am having a blast painting outside!  So these are the pictures of my set ups at both the Buffalo store and Mound store.  Life has been very busy but it feels good to get back on track! […]

My Minnesota Purple Rustic Barn Wedding!!

I have to say, weddings are A LOT of work!!  Granted I insisted on doing everything myself because that’s what I do!  This barn was such a great empty canvas to work with and believe me I almost filled every space I could!  Every detail was thought out and brought to life with the great […]

Facebook too!

Sneak peek at my Country Wedding in Minnesota!!

Just some sneak peek pictures of what you would find at my County Style Wedding!   (pun intended) Can you guess why I would have a dresser?? Anything painted in purple is perfection to me! I just can’t get enough of these doors!!  I have to share my story on how I found this barn to […]

Check this idea out! I have some random pieces of glass laying around my garage and I had no idea what I was going to do with them, until now!  So instead I’m going to make my own frames from scrap wood I have laying around the garage and liquid nail glue them to my glass to make […]

YES Christmas stuff already!!

Who doesn’t love reusing things for Christmas decoration?!  This is a corn seed planter with some cute greenery.  Don’t know what to do with the small old tool boxes??

To explore Minnesota!!

I started refinishing furniture because I LOVED doing it!  But now after doing this for awhile I can look back and remember all the places I’ve been that I’ve never been before and all the people I’ve met while doing this.  I find it amazing that I’ve lived in Minnesota my whole life and have […]

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