About Me

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Welcome!  My name is Sondra and I’m the creator of Country Style Accents!  I started painting when I was young not knowing I would be back to making this my business.  If I didn’t like the way something looked, I painted it.  Once, I picked up an old (but working) TV box.  I didn’t have a TV but free was perfect, so I just painted the outside of it.   I love anything that’s repainted, refinished, revamped, or simply just saved.  I have a soft spot for anything old and the real wood look.  I love ‘finding’ pieces that need a little love and make them into something amazing!

I spend any spare time I can get in my shop with my 3 kids close by (or napping:).  My husband and I recently got married and I enjoyed planning our barn wedding so much I couldn’t help myself but to help others as well.

If I’m not in working, I’m a busy mom, cook, driver, homework doer, cleaner and anything else that needs to get done around a crazy, but beautiful, household.  I also like to scrapbook, shop, and visit with friends and family.  We have such an amazing support group, that none of this would be possible without all of them.