Spring Into March

Who’s starting to get the Spring itch??  I know I sure am!

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The store has gotten a total overhaul.  The Christmas is down, old furniture pieces are gone, new pieces are in, and the colors have sure lightened up the place.  The soft grass greens are making their way in.  And organizing is on the agenda.  In the store AND at home.

March Collage

Now here’s where we all might be saying, “Yes!  Organized, that’s on the my goals for 2017.”  That is our main focus (along with spring, of courser) for the March sale.  In our home, the biggest 2 spots that get cluttered the most and the fastest is the entryway and the kid’s rooms.  How about you?

I try to start out small and make note of the biggest things that drive me crazy!  Ya know, clothes on the floors, 25 pairs of shoes right in front of the door, and let’s not pretend that the stack of papers by the entryway formed there over night.  Last year, the first thing on my list was hooks EVERYWHERE!  I put hooks by every door, in our dining room, and in our laundry room.  Then I added a mobile basket for all of the hats, mittens, and scarves.  And if it got too full, I went through and donated what wasn’t being used or was too small.  We are still tackling shoes, that may be this year’s project.

Here are a few of my favorite things I’m pinning on Pinterest right now….

shoe cubby





We still have a solid month before our next open date.  March 10th-12th.  So, we want to hear!  What would you like to see to help you get organized for March??

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