Harvest Table for ‘Field to Fork’ Event

This was a long time coming, more than past over due post. When I received a request for our tables and benches for an event from MN Corn Growers Association, I didn’t even blink.  We’ve had the pleasure of working with them in the past.  So it was a no brainer that we would work with them once again!  I felt super blessed that they called us but what I didn’t expect was how major and beautiful this particular event would be.   As more details came on their vision of what they wanted it to be and what the purpose was for, the day just couldn’t come fast enough!


This event was called “Field to Fork” hosted by MN Corn Growers Association and Common Ground Minnesota.  Common Ground is a newer organization filled with woman who farm!  They are there to teach and promote farming as a way of life.  As a woman business owner and one who watched her grandfather farm most of my childhood, what an honor it was even more for us to be involved.   They invited people who were interested in learning more about where food came from, how it’s grown, as well as a great deal of info on buying locally grown foods right here in Minnesota.  There were plenty of guests invited to the event.  We were blessed enough that our tables set the rest of the event.






IMG_2510 IMG_2511

Here is a video that was done about the event as well as the farmer.


Everything from local honey, pork, beef, beans, corn, beers and wines, fruits and veggies, and so much more were supplied to feed guests who attended the event.  It was even hosted on a real working farm in Plato, MN.







There was plenty of volunteers that worked so hard and the event was so incredible!   More info at the MN Corn Growers website about the event is here.


We built our tables and benches for this perfect example of a gathering.  We are so excited by the places they take us and the people we meet.  It was such an honor to be a part of this event for such a wonderful company and so many hard working people.

A special very big thank you to everyone putting their faith in us and in our rental inventory for such a beautiful event!

You can find more about this event’s details on the MN Corn Growers Association website here.

Common Ground, MN.

Agrilife Studios was the talent behind all the beautiful pictures.

Rental Items Used:

~Harvest Tables and Benches

~Wood Trough

~Wood Boxes for Centerpieces

~Mason Jars for Centerpieces

~Wire Basket


~Bushel Baskets

You can find our entire rental inventory here.

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