As 2016 Comes to the End…

Hello!  Did  you have a Merry lil Christmas?

  It sure has been awhile since I’ve been able to sit down and write a little something on here.  It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to sit down at all in the past 4 months!  The Holidays are always such a great time to stop and get recharged though.  It makes you take a step back from your every day routine and engage in conversations with friends and family that you may not have been able to do for awhile.  Well, at least for us.

Christmas 16

Taking this short break was so important to me.  To our family.  My kids are still young and they have been with us on this crazy ride and they too can feel the stress effects of constant moving.  They needed their mom and dad back for a bit.  They are our most cherished assets we will ever have.  They too can learn that is ok to take a step back, enjoy what’s important especially during the Holiday season.

This past year has been a whirlwind, to say the least.  We did NOT go into the year with much of a plan.  We never envisioned having a store up and running nor were we really looking.  But much like our bank building, our store in Arlington sort of just popped in out of no where and everything sort of just fell into place.  Like this was already planned for us.  But we weren’t the ones who planned it.  We took what we were given and we opened up our store.  It has definitely had it’s challenges.   Everything you think you would know about doing something goes right out the window!  Sort of like having kids, when you’ve only babysat a few times.  All of a sudden there’s all these people depending on you, setting up, painting, designing, pricing, ordering etc…….  The list goes on and on.   But we managed, we tackled, we conquered, at least for 2016!

Now onto 2017.  The plan……still not sure.  But we are working on it!  One thing is for sure, NO more buildings!  There has recently been a huge snag in our plans for the bank building.  We are currently at a stand still with that.  Unfortunately.  At this point, we are unsure what will become of our beloved bank.  We are still in hopes of fixing it up, we are just unsure if it will be our store home.  {P.S. We are not sure who mowed the lawn there for us, but we do want whoever to know we are so ever grateful!!!  Thank you!!  We would love to know who this mysterious lawn mower is.}

store front

For now, we love our Arlington building and community and we are so ever blessed with all the love and support from everyone there!!  It is truly beyond  anything we had ever expected from a little town.  We plan on continuing to grow in our store, create, build, paint, and anything else that we can possibly think of.  This year, our hopes are to make the outside of the store a little more…us.  Everything moved so quickly, we just couldn’t beat the weather to get outside things done.  Come spring, we hope to get a few of those ‘To-do’s’ crossed off the list.  We hope to keep growing the store and the online shop.  We have currently had the online store portion running for about a year now.  We ship all over the US, anywhere from New York, Georgia, to California!  We also hope to add in more store hours being open.  This is still a little uncertain because it is mostly just my hubby and I but we make it work.  Don’t be surprised if you find a kid or two wanting to help bag your items!  It’s a family type of business.  😉

{Products Available online}

metal tray

cook book holder

We do want our store to grow, but we also want the inspiration to grow as well.  Our goal is to have our store be a relaxing place to go, get inspired, get ideas, incorporate into your own home, however that may be.  We love your suggestions and requests.  It truly motivates us and keeps us on our toes.  We love that your kids come in and they know exactly where to go once they get there!  They grab a caramel and head straight for our ‘Community Room’.  We love seeing all the sweet pictures on the chalkboard and the blocks in some sort of tower.

We now started hosting a few classes in our ‘Community Room’.  We had the pleasure of having the talented Lana Beck teach a paint class.  She will be joining us again!  Check out the Shop here.  And let’s just say, they almost sounded like they weren’t getting much painting done!  But it was a success and everyone had a great time!  We plan on doing more and more in that aspect.   And it’s not just for adults either!  We have a few kids things planned as well!

painting with lana

This year, we really plan to grow in so many more ways and with our community.  We have other great businesses that we suggest to our customers and you can really make a day of our sweet little town of Arlington.

Thank you to YOU for a wonderful 2016!  Bring on 2017!  Our next opening is March 10-12th.  See you then!

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