If you were wondering about our beloved bank building…

It is pretty normal to have people ask us on a regular basis, how the bank is coming along.  What’s new?  Other common questions are “When do you hope to open?”  “Will that still be a store?”  Etc.  I have my answers ready in my pocket and nearly the same few lines every time.

What I wasn’t ready for, was a question that rocks me to my core.

“Do you regret buying the bank?”

I was just asked that this week for the first time and I can honestly say, I was speechless.  I wanted to cry, I wanted to say yes, I wanted to tell this older gentleman that I’m scared I won’t get it done.  That I’m worried my children would suffer by not getting enough attention or not getting to do all the things they want to do because all of our time is spent working on this project, that this will take so much of our hard earned money and be thrown at this building.  And for what!?  To have a little furniture home décor shop?!  Is all that fuss really worth it?

But, I did not answer this way.  (And thank goodness, there were no tears!!)

I simply answered ‘no’.  The reasons I say no, out weigh all the reasons to say yes.  This little brick building is so much more than just a building that needs repair to become a store.  This is a HUGE piece of history in this little town.  How many small towns have you driven through lately that have multiple abandoned and unloved buildings, just sitting there deteriorating?  Too many!  This can be done.  This will be done.

No matter how hard this is, how much money we have to make, the sacrifices we have to make, it will all be worth it.  My kids will hopefully walk away and take this as a learning experience.  To fight for what you believe in.  To have something be greater than yourself and to keep working until it is complete.


Even though we had to pause on any renovations right now, I still have to go there to mow the lawn.  Sometimes, if it’s been a rough day, I go there, I sit on the steps inside, and I think (and sometimes cry).  I worry, I think, I wonder, and then I go home.  I go home still knowing this is on our to-do list.  Knowing it will still only get harder before it gets better.

Today, I went in to mow the lawn only to find a big chunk of the ceiling in one the rooms had completely fallen down.  Why, still not sure.  I really have no idea what I’m doing.  At first it was upsetting to me.  But I have to keep a positive attitude.  I have to believe there is so reason that my husband and I were brought to this building.  That the previous owners choose us to purchase it.  And that everything has so far, fallen into place to place this old building in our lives.  I have to keep my faith because if I don’t, it will still be an abandoned building 10 years from now.   We will have not given people hope and motivation for these brick buildings.  And we will have failed.

I did leave with a different mindset about the fallen ceiling.   “Less work I have to do when we continue gutting it!  Oh and look!  There’s insulation up there!”  (Had no idea what was up there yet.)

So if you are like many others, and wondering what the status is, we are at a pause right now.  We did start gutting it, we have A LOT more to do.  We are putting our focus on the store we do have now in Arlington and our rentals business.  And when the time and finances allow us, we will continue as well as get the minor and bigger things started.  Like the roof.


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