We Have BIG BIG News!!!!

I want to start off this post by thanking everyone who has followed me through my furniture journeys.  I started painting furniture in 2010 in my 3 car garage.  That garage quickly filled up and became my shop.  By 2011, I fit into my first consignment store.  The excitement of new pieces just grew and grew.  My goal was always to get better and better.  Trying new products, new techniques, learning the buying curve and finding my niche has taken me on this long 6 year ride.

After 2 stores, many on-the-road shows, set ups, take downs, moving furniture in a blizzard, and 6 years later, this is one of my most exciting pieces of news since the news of buying the bank building.

We are ready to open our store in July!!!!

Now, sadly, (it nearly breaks my heart to say this) but it will NOT be in our beloved bank building.  But very close by in Arlington, MN.  As we began tearing stuff out, getting quotes for repairs along with costs for extra materials we didn’t think we would need, our remodeling budget sky rocketed very quickly.  Hubby and I had a good heart to heart talk, and we came to the conclusion that we would not be able to afford all the construction to be open by 2017.

Our beloved bank building is still my 4th baby and has a special place in my heart and will someday be our forever home store.  Just not now. 🙁


With that being said, a building popped up and I showed it to hubby.  It has some serious potential!  After a few looks, some phone calls, a meeting with the city of Arlington, and we made our decision that this will be a great starting point.  We simply cannot wait to get our store open and bring what we promised to our community!!

We can’t wait to add our ‘Country Style’ to the building and start setting up for our Grand Opening in July!  We have already started the search for the best handcrafted items, and refinished furniture and home décor in stock!


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  1. That looks like a great place to set up. Good luck Sondra!!

  2. Cari Gronholz says:

    Ah, I am sad to hear that the bank – but so excited that you’re going to have a store!!!!

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