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We went into buying this old brick bank building knowing it would need A LOT of work, patience, energy, and money.

After one of the first bids, we realized very quickly, this project was going to be much bigger than we had anticipated.  We have definitely thought to ourselves more than once, “What have we gotten ourselves into!?”  (And is it too late to turn back!)  But after spending a day at the Historical Society and seeing a picture of the Bank back in it’s prime, I knew that we had to push forth.  We had to save this building.  The Historical Society also had a picture sometime in the early 1900’s when the main street in town was still dirt, this is literally one of the last original buildings still standing.


Photo credit from the Sibley County Historical Society.

We can’t give up on it.  But we also have a much longer road to go before we can open the doors as a fully restored business.

Show your support of saving our brick building by purchasing one (or more!) of our custom T-Shirts.  Using the hashtag symbol to make a statement for all other abandoned brick buildings out there.

You can purchase Here.

We truly appreciate all your support.  Who knows, this could lead to saving more brick buildings!  😉  (Wait until hubby sees this!)


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