We Made The News!!

Okay, so our small town local paper put our story on the front page.  But we are excited!  What better way to find our more info on our small town building than from the local people in the area.  We can’t wait to get some feedback and hopefully a few pictures!


We also made the local television news!!  KEYC News 12 from Mankato came out and taped our story as well!  Click here to watch.

To some, it may not be a big deal.  Just a little remodel, on this little building.  Silly people, taking so long to open a store.   Yes, we could have found a building to lease, open our store and get moving.  Yes, we could have bought an already renovated building and had another mortgage payment for the next 20 years, sending every penny we made to the bank.  Yes, we could be open RIGHT NOW!  But we didn’t want to do that.  We didn’t want a mortgage, we didn’t want to risk leasing a building and needing to move in 5 years due to any other circumstances.  We wanted to make roots.  And we wanted it to be in the same towns we already do business in.  We want to have a place where our kids and their friends can go, to paint, create, and grow.

We wanted to so much more than just another store.  We want a community place and a beautiful store all while bringing business back to a small town, and saving one of the oldest buildings in town.  To me, that bank has so many stories to tell.  Starting with a bank, a post office, a dentist office, and more from what we’ve been hearing.

We want to hang pictures of the history on the walls for everyone to see.  We want that building to stand for another 100 years.  And hopefully, it will continue to be a beautiful building for other businesses (many many years down the road).

So, before we get to have our grand opening and sell some seriously pretty furniture and home décor pieces, we get to have this other adventure of bringing this old brick building back to life.

Thank you to the Arlington Enterprise Newspaper for publishing our story!

And thank you to KEYC News 12!

Fall of 2017 is still our tentative time we are hoping to be open.  Feel free to ask us any questions or share stories!  We would love to hear them!  Email us at www.countrystyleaccents@yahoo.com.

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