How Small Towns Celebrate Christmas

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Our address says Henderson, but we live closer to a small town called Arlington.  Population is about 2,200 people and our high school/elementary school doesn’t even have it’s own parking lot, but don’t let that fool you!


I grew up in a big city my entire life.  When we moved here, I was slightly skeptical of how could someone adapt to the small town living.  Everything is at least a 15 minute drive, one way.  And how would we all make new friends and find our own place here?

After 2 years, I couldn’t be more proud to call Arlington our sweet little town.  The main street is lined full with small business owners, smiles, and waving people as they drive by.  People stop nearly every time to let you cross the street.  People help you carry your stuff and load it into your car!!  Who does that anymore!?


Every year, for the past 7 years, this great small town puts on a “Christmas” parade called Arli-Dazzle Parade.  Catchy right!?  This year was the first year I could go, my hubby went last year and raved about how neat it was.  We brought some friends, dressed warm, and loaded up the kids and found a spot somewhere in the massive crowds of people lined up along Main Street to catch a glimpse of the parade.  103 floats was the last count I heard.  All decorate with lights, people throwing out candy, local business names alongside their vehicles, tractors, trailers, semi trucks, and antique cars.

The overwhelming amounts of people and floats was enough to make my heart flutter.  People said “Merry Christmas” and walked through a crowd of people just to make sure my little peanut got a piece of candy.  Ladies and gentleman, this sounds straight out of a Funny Farm movie, but it’s all true!

If you ever get that chance, I hope you get to make a day of coming down to Arlington during their Arli-Dazzle celebration.  (Especially once I get the store open, it’s only 7 miles away from Arlington in Green Isle.)




This is my kids’ 4H group float!!  Check out the cute lighted hats!  They did such a great job!


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Here is a great video someone was able to capture.  It is really amazing!!


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