Two Steps Forward, Four Steps Back

We have officially started with small snail like steps towards transforming our bank into a store of my dreams!  When we first walked in, there were 3 different electrical meter boxes.  So I did what any responsible person would do, call the electrical company to ensure they were all turned off and to transfer everything into our name.  However, the power had been off since 2008 and they only showed 1 meter every being hooked up!

We called a great local electric company to come out and cut everything, put a new box in and give us some electricity and make sure everything was code.  Done!  Happy day!  Small little victory.

electric on bank building

Up next on the to do list, the roof.  It has a major leak coming into the building (has for years from the looks of it) and has started doing some real damage to the flooring and brick and plaster walls.

So we got our first quote…..

What a gut punch for me.  What we allocated for the costs has now doubled in price.  I guess I secretly expected things like this to come up with the great unknown type of building.  But knowing that this deeply cuts into our time frame to come up with the extra funds was to the say least, disheartening.  Really because we haven’t even STARTED diving into the walls and ceilings to the rest of the building.  I was too busy still doing my happy dance from electricity, that I was quickly pulled back down to reality.

However, I do fully understand the importance of a fully repaired great roof.   #1 I don’t want to have to repair it ever again!  #2 We don’t need it to cause anymore damage to the inside of the building.

Now we only got the 1 quote and will explore more options.  But knowing that the price just went up makes me doubtful.  I won’t and can’t give up though.  This amazing 1890 bank may not be open for another whole year, but it will get there!


  1. You’ve got this, lady! Let me know if you want to borrow my Angie’s List account (if you don’t have one)- sometimes in addition to just reading reviews & finding good providers, there are coupons for big jobs like this!! And, sometimes, you can find someone to trade you services (like furniture refinishing) on craigslist! 🙂

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