What I’m Selling at the Homespun Stitches Show in Jackson, MN

Happy Labor Day weekend!  I post a lot on the Facebook page about the show and the dates and times, but thought I would do a quick post of what I’ll be selling at the show.

So here’s the scoop.  I have been painting/refinishing for the past 5 years now.  For the past 3 years, I have been able to work along side my mother and father-in-law and sell at their show in Jackson, MN.  Homespun Stitches is only open 2 weekends in September and that is it!  We work all year round to fill up the warehouse along with our backrooms, sheds, garages, and trailers to be able to restock as the 7 days of the show goes on.

What will I be selling there?!  LOTS OF GOODIES!  Here is just a few of my favorite things…



Check out this pedestal table with 6 chairs!  It has the leaf in it, but can be taken out and tucked away in a closet if you don’t need it in all the time.





I catch so much grief for painting beautiful pieces.  WELL, this one didn’t deserve paint.  Don’t make me take it home and paint it!!  It is old, it is ALL ORIGINAL, and seriously beautiful!  It even has the working locking key to it!



A great primitive cabinet with a cast iron sink, can you see this beauty on someone’s porch!?



Barnwood cabinets are always my fav.




This desk has a matching black chair to go with it!





Handmade recycled cuffs will be new this year!  These are super cool!  Even better, they make great gifts!

cast iron sink

Who doesn’t remember me posting this amazing cast iron sink on Facebook!?  It’ll be at the show.  P.S. It won’t be out right away.  It might not come out until the 2nd day of the show.  😉

Here is everything you need to know about the show.

  • We are only open 2 weekends a year in September.
  • Cash or check only.
  • Due to the high traffic the first day, there will be a number system in place.  You may get there a little early to receive a number.
  • Please only take the tags off of the furniture pieces ONLY.
  • There is limited parking spots in the front, otherwise on the sides of the building and on the streets behind the building.
  • To help loading go as quickly as possible, please bring your own muscle.  (Don’t forget moving blankets and tie downs

Show Dates and Times:

Thurs. Sept. 17th, 10-7

Friday Sept. 18th, 10-6

Sat. Sept. 19th, 10-5

Sun. Sept. 20th, 10-4

Fri. Sept. 25th, 10-6

Sat. Sept. 26th, 10-5

Sun. Sept. 27th, 10-4

809 3rd. Street

Jackson, MN 56143

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Hope to see you there!

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