Bringing the Grays to the Show!!

Wedding season has been….busy.  But what a BLAST!  I’ve been refinishing furniture for 5 years now and once we dabbled into the rentals side just 2 years ago, I never would’ve imagined such a great success.  However, I will always stick to my roots of refinishing, repainting, and of course, rebuilding.

Back 5 years ago, I did multiple shows, hauling my hubby and my furniture all around to different places, all had their own different challenges.  But now I’m down to one show, my in-law’s Homespun Stitches in Jackson, MN.  The best news, IT’S COMING SOON!!  September 17th-20th, and 25th-27th.  If you don’t like their facebook page, you can like it now here.

Here are a couple more pieces that will be there!










Only a sneak peek of this one!  You’ll have to see it to believe it’s beauty.


Be sure to check out Homespun Stitches and we hope to see you there!  This is by far the best show we’ve ever had!  The shops and trailers are stuffed full!

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