The Future Home/Store For Country Style Accents!!

Some people may call us crazy (mostly me).  Nearly 10 months ago, hubby asked if I had seen the ‘cool brick building for sale’ in a nearby local small town.  No I have not, but tell me more!  We drove by it, a few times.  Then I called about it.  After lots of walk throughs, lots of convincing of the husband, and lots of negotiating it is all ours!

We’re not sure what we are getting ourselves into yet, but we couldn’t let this pass us by without finding out what first.  This was originally built as a bank in 1890.  It has switched hands as well as uses throughout the years.

Unfortunately for this wonderful historic building, it needs a lot of costly repairs and love before we are able to open the doors for a store.   Our plan is, over the next 3 years slowing start renovating it.  While trying to keep it’s natural character intact.


My goals for this store are much bigger than just opening the doors and selling ‘stuff’.  #1. Saving this amazing piece of history.  I just learned there was another older building just across the road that was all brick that the town had torn down just a few years prior.  #2. Show my kids no dream is ever to big nor unreachable!  Period!  #3. This very small town along with a few surrounding towns, need a cute store!  Let’s beautifi some houses!  #4. Hopefully in the long run, create some jobs.  Find other local crafters who love to make stuff and let them sell it.  This store won’t be the next Macy’s but I would sure love it to be more community involved.  #5. Create a gathering place.  I want a space that people can hold a paint class, drink some wine with friends, host a birthday craft party, teach people how to paint and/or create!

I’m sure my goals will only grow but this is a great start.   NOW, let’s get on with the building!  Warning: it’s not pretty.  (Yet!)



Awesome vault picture!


Future store front.


Tin ceiling throughout most of the building, hidden behind false ceiling tiles.   This will be all opened up and big beautiful chandeliers will hang from this ceiling.


Original wood doors and hardware.  Swoon!


(Okay, wipe the drool off now!)




IMG_8525 IMG_8528 IMG_8530

This will be the future gathering place.  We should only have to knock out half of a wall.






(This handsome guy is my super supportive husband.  You will be able to find him moving the heavy stuff.)


The guys debating whether or not the ‘new’ brick could be taken back out from the front entry way.

I will keep you up to date as we start to dig into this massive project.  P.S. we could always use volunteers to help with cleaning out!  🙂

Wish us luck, just don’t call us crazy.  We already know.


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