Old Broken Cabinet, Turned Primitive Beauty

Every once in awhile, I pick up these pieces.  Sometimes I pay for them, sometimes they are free, or sitting on someone’s curb yelling my name!  Pieces like these that are broken, missing parts, wobbly, or just in bad bad shape.  This one was sitting on the curb, in the evening, late at night, I could barely see that it was even there.  I even went around the block to look at it again.  I was so excited to get this piece home and get working on it………until I got it home and started working on it.


It sure looked cool.  But the ENTIRE thing had to be gutted and be completely rebuilt.


Right about here, is when I was thinking, wow this is a lot of work….


Right about here, I’m asking myself if this should really just be sent to the burn pile.  Don’t judge, you would be surprised how much I actually use my car jack while working on furniture.  I needed to get it level.


After many days and many hours into the project, I found myself complaining to my husband in hopes that he would ‘rescue’ me and take over this hefty project.  He didn’t, I’m pretty sure he caught on and then just secretly waited to see how long it would be before I drug it over to our burn pit.

I won’t quit!  I don’t really know how.  And I’m glad I didn’t!  It may be old, the drawers aren’t perfect, but it’s an old cabinet.  Made with history and character.  It just needed a little facelift.


I added a beautiful wood top.


Painted in a great primitive mustard yellow color.  Paired perfectly with metal stools with wood seats.



The small cubby can fit a great wire basket.


A potato bin!!!  I love these.



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