Baby Girl’s Room (Warning! Picture Heavy!)

I am so excited to FINALLY share this post!   My baby girl will be 2 in May and I’m finally getting around to finishing her room.

Before, it was filled with dull wood and tractor farm border.  The closet doors broke shortly after we moved in, the light/fan only had 1 light bulb which means the room seemed gloomy.   It was pretty bad for a little girl.

E's room

My little helper.


At first I really didn’t like all the panel type wood.  I was tempted to take it all off.  But that would have been such a hassle, all the outlets would have to moved back, holes patched, trim removed then put back on…..


The closet before.  Like I said before, I took the doors off completely because they broke!  Then this open closet concept started to grow on me.

The prep work started with taping!  Taping the floors so I can paint the floor trim, taking off outlet covers, taking shelves out of the closet, etc.

The biggest challenge was the ceilings.  We live pretty close to a dirt road, that means dirty house, dirty ceilings!  The other rooms I have started repainting the popcorn ceilings.  Messy and I’m not really a big fan of popcorn ceilings, popcorn yes!  Not on ceilings.  I didn’t take any pictures of the process (it was pretty messy and looked like an episode from Dexter) but I followed this tutorial and literally took me no time at all!  Once I got it all down, the painting could now begin.  I painted the ceiling the same cream color as all the wood in the room.  I had to get this entire room painted with 8 hours!

IMG_7859 IMG_7861

My little helper apparently needed a phone break.  It’s hard work prepping a room.


Here’s my quick tutorial on curtain tie back options.  I found these pretty cabinet knobs, and instead of using the screws that come with it, I found these “hanger bolts” in almost the right size.   I attached the to the knob and then screwed them into the wood of the window.  Bam, cute, easy and cheap curtain tie backs.

IMG_7908 IMG_7910



I found this great coral colored hanging basket with little chalkboard signs.  This works perfect for all of Miss E’s books.

IMG_7922 IMG_7925

I showed you the pieces of this cabinet on Facebook a few weeks ago.  Hubby and I pulled this out of a dirty old barn, out of the rafters, using a very unstable wood ladder.  It is the side pieces of an old wood desk.

desk cabinet1

They were falling apart every time I touch them.  Pieces were missing or broken off.  Very sad.

desk cabinet

Viola!  Fix them, stack them, paint them, and great closet dresser!

IMG_7937 IMG_7939 IMG_7942

On the other side of the wall, I just added hooks for hanging the diaper bag, jackets etc.  Let’s be honest, kids don’t like to hang their stuff up on hangers.


I just reused the shelves AND dowels that were previously in the closet.  Yep, scroll back up and look at the before pictures!  I just added some stain to all of it and what a difference it made!  Reusing and saving money!


Here’s my favorite go to for temporary solutions.  I used a shower curtain rod to hang the curtain over the closet.  No holes, no marks, and if we decide to add doors later, no worries.   Here’s another secret, the white curtain is a clearance shower curtain from Target that was marked down to $7.49!


IMG_7968 IMG_7971 IMG_7989


No more popcorn ceilings!!!  It looks so clean and new!




These large fabric baskets are the new fad right now.  I picked up all the ones in her room at Home Goods.  They are super reasonably priced and will last forever and if they ever get really dirty, I can throw them in the wash machine.  Perfect!  This Toys one was $15.


Estella’s Amazing Alphabet Adventures!  She was given this book by her grandmother made with all pictures of her, from Shutterfly.  Cute huh!?


I refinished my Hubby’s antique bookshelf to add a little bit of history to her room.  And of course, more storage for all her books!

IMG_8073 IMG_8075

The pink pillows are from Home Goods as well.  What can I say, I love that store!



Full view of the closet and the new fan/light from Wayfair.


Hooks in action.




I still have pictures to hang, and refinish a kids table to put in there.  But for now, she loves it, we love it and another kids’ room done!  Making our house our home feels great!

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