Dressers Galore!

I have been busy working in the shop lately.  Trying to finish up some big pieces that take up A LOT of room.  And we just can’t have that happen.  Garage sale season is right around the corner and I need room for more treasures!

I must have been in the mood for dressers last week.  I got two different sets painted.  And they turned out beautiful!

This first set was pretty hysterical getting it loaded and home.  2 adults, 3 kids and 1 truck.  2 dressers, 2 nightstands and a mirror and a kind size headboard.  You bet your a*# I wasn’t going to leave without all of it in the truck.  Thankfully, I brought some pretty heavy duty straps and we got it all home!


dresser before

dresser before1



I don’t usually paint a lot of white, but I loved the dark tones of the dressers before and figured that would really shine through white.





This set comes with a kind size headboard and a large mirror that is still a work in progress.

These next dressers are definitely a step out of my comfort zone.  But they say this coral/salmon color is the Hot color this year.  These would be super cute in a nursery filled with white and grays.




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