Western Themed Event

I was contacted by Meghan with the MN Corn Growers Association.  They were hosting the MN Ag Expo in Mankato and they needed western themed items.  I didn’t have exactly what they needed the day they contacted me, but you can believe we got started searching, building, and painting to make this theme happen!  This was such much fun for me and I am absolutely honored that I got to help with this set up!

mn corn growers

mn corn growers1

mn corn growers2

mn corn growers3

mn corn growers4

Items Used:

-Custom bar

-Black stools


-Straw bales

-Barrels (small and large)

-Wagon wheel

-Grasses and branches

-Heavy duty wire baskets

The best part, the bar is still up for sale!!  Check it out here.

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