MY New Color of the Year!

Every year I love being able to pick out a new color to work and paint with.  You can just about imagine how boring it can get painting the same color over and over again!  I’m not a huge fan of painting items super bright colors.  I like neutral furniture and adding in pops of color with ever changing accessories.

Want to know what my inspiration was on the new color!?  My kitchen aid mixer.  Yes, REALLY!  Us creators get our inspiration from just about anywhere!  I busted out my paint swatches and away to Home Depot I went!  (I just love that store!)  I checked out some other paint samples, made my decision and had them mix it up.

Ready for a little before and afters!?

corner cabinet-001

I found this corner cabinet and I really didn’t care of the price nor the work that needed to be done to it, I had to buy it.  I have the same exact one in our house!!



What I love about this new color is that you can paint your walls a nice light greys or creams and this color will still pop out instead of blend in.


This fireplace mantel would look so great even without an actual fireplace!  Add some old wood behind it and you have a faux mantel.


twin headboard

If you follow me on Facebook, you would recognize this bench I’ve been working on since September!!  There’s sometimes those pieces that you just can’t get right and I get frustrated and I just have to walk away for a little bit.  Or a couple of months.  🙂


This bench was a long time in the making but it turned out great.  It went from a twin headboard to a great toy box/bench.


This Chippendale style dresser just makes my heart flutter.  Really.  I love the lines, the handles, everything!


It even has this great pull out shelf that I was able to just restain.



white dresser-001



Another Grey beauty but it needed a new top piece and I thought a little contrast would be nice.  A planked wood stained gives it something a little unique other than the entire thing being painted.




I hope you love this new color as much as I do.   These will be up for sale at the Homespun Stitches show in Jackson Minnesota.


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