A Great Blue Color and Refinished Wood Buffet

Who needs some pictures of some more beautiful furniture that will be up for sale in September?!  The cold weather won’t keep me from painting!

  I can’t help myself but love this color blue on furniture pieces.  Every year I find myself painting a couple pieces with this shade of blue.  This dresser was precious.  It is small but cute.  The hardware was great as is, but the top had some blemishes.  Missing chunks, scratches, the usual.  Just needed a nice color added.


I picked up this blue paint from Carver Junk Company in Carver.  It’s their Fusion paint line they carry.




A great small table got this lucky color as well.  What’s so nice about this table, is it could almost double as a kids table as well as a side table!



Now if you follow me on Facebook, you have already gotten a sneak peek of this sweet buffet!  I love paint, but I loved this all natural!  I couldn’t bring myself to paint it!  All the great detail on here glows all by itself.  I sure hope someone buys this with all it’s natural beauty!




All this piece needed was a little TLC.  A little sanding, a little stain matching, and another layer of a top coat.





I picked out a new color to paint with this year.  Can’t wait to showcase this next week.

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