Antique Curio Cabinet, Refinished

When I buy a piece of furniture, I don’t JUST buy a piece of furniture.  I get to meet people and hear their stories.  Whether it be about their lives or that piece of furniture.  I met a nice couple moving to a different state and they weren’t taking much with them.  I originally bought a dresser and on my way out the door they had asked if I would be interested in this old curio cabinet as well.  My truck was full and so I told them I would think about it and I left.  I got home and showed hubby and he asked me why I didn’t buy it!  So through a few emails and text messages, the deal was made and I went to pick it up.  But before I could, the owner had to call me and tell me to make sure I brought blankets etc to ensure the glass wouldn’t break during transportation.

Once I got there, I could sense the hesitation in his voice when we went to get it loaded.  Finally I asked the question.  Do you have an attachment to this piece??  Yep!!  It was his grandma’s cabinet and then his mothers, until it finally became his.  He remembered it in his grandmother’s house when he was little.  When he and his wife decided to move, they decided to down size as well.  He told me when he told his mom he was going to sell it, she tried talking him out of it.  He knew I buy and resell furniture for a living.  I think that’s where most of his hesitation came from.   I told him I wouldn’t paint it.  I keep my promises and it really turned out beautiful.  I hope he sees this post, and I hope whoever buys this amazing piece, gets to carry on this great story of this old cabinet.  It has a lot of history.  I am so glad I got to be a part of it.






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