Picture Holder Made From A Tree, Super Easy!!

Hello and thanks for stopping by!  Got any old wood laying around?  If you do, keep reading!

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I find myself not having a whole lot of time in the summer months to get any small projects done and show them off with a How-to.   Now that the winter and colder days have moved in, I get tucked into the house a lot more and can come up with little projects like this one.   So I hope you give this one a try and enjoy!

Living on the farm has given us A LOT of something we didn’t have in the suburbs, TREES!  There was a lot of tree trimming and cleaning up knocked down trees once we moved in.  I got super lucky and one of them happened to be a birch tree.  Hubby cut up some cute little branches and set them aside for me.  I’ve had them hanging out in the shop since last year now, and I have been pondering what to do with them.  I love bringing nature indoors and being able to use what we already have to add more decoration around the house.  Just being able to reuse something that was no longer going to be used, is not only great recycling but free too!  Here we go!


I cut the branch in random cuts.  Then I took a small drill bit and drilled one hole on the top of each one.  (Sorry, not pictured)


Then I used Christmas tree ornament holders that I bought in a pack from Hobby Lobby.


I cut the ends off and straightened them out a little.


Looking good so far.


Then I added a little hot glue to the ends and placed them in the holes.


Look how great these look!!!



If you had enough, you could place them all over and put your Christmas cards in them too!

Now go try and make your own!  If you don’t have birch, try taking whatever wood you have laying around and use that.  If you don’t like the wood, paint it!

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