There comes a lot of moments in our lives that things just don’t go the way we want them too.  Even sometimes, like we need them too.  But mostly, want.  When the want and desire becomes greater than the need, that’s when it’s important to take a step back and re-evaluate the situation.  I often times forget this.  Mostly due because I am a woman and I put too much emotion into every situation.  It is only natural.  As woman, we are just more nurturing and caring.  No wonder we put emotion into everything that comes in our path.  Whether it be buying a new purse or ‘why does my husband hate me so much that he won’t even take out the trash without me telling him’.

At some point down this road though, we need to take a step back.  Look at a situation from outside of the box instead of within.  Try to take a more realistic look at it.  Some may say a ‘man’s view’ but we won’t really tell them that.  Otherwise, we may never hear the end of that during an argument.  😉  It is also important to know that this ‘step back’ may take longer than a day, maybe a week, or even a month.  It’s still important to do.

Most of the time, we tend to look at this in a negative way.  Bad things keep happening to them.  Or just bad luck.  But I truly believe in the saying ‘things happen for a reason’.  Whether it comes to a relationship, friendship, home buying, a job, parenting, or even a death.  Something good will come out of even the worst.  And if you don’t think so, then you haven’t re-evaluated the situation.

I find myself re-evaluating a lot lately.  I have to think about my priorities and honestly, how important it is at being ok to  fail.  To fail at something but have the strength to get back up and either fight harder or to change the path.  Last winter I hit this head on because of our new baby girl’s birth.  It made a very big adjustment period for me trying to get used to motherhood to 3 young kiddos and balancing my time with them all.  Making sure each one had my undivided attention but making sure everyone’s needs were met.  And then trying to juggle the business aspect all while trying to be a ‘good mom’.  I had my fair share of tears last year.  I even pondered quitting the business all together.  I felt as though I couldn’t do it all and something had to give.  And parenting was the only thing I do not get a do-over at.  I would not be ok if I failed at parenting.  I don’t get to ‘learn from my mistakes’ with that one.  I took a long break over the winter months.  I decided getting more sleep at night and being awake for the kids during the day was more important than painting a dresser into the night.  Yep, I choose being a more hands on, fully alert parent.  I was able to keep my sanity and picked up the paint brush when the time allowed.  And that’s ok.  I didn’t like it at first, but I wouldn’t change anything about that decision.  Now that my baby isn’t so much a baby as she is a toddler now, again, it’s time for some re-evaluating what my next steps must be.  I guess it’s all a part of growing.


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