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A friend had called one day and informed me that Carver Junk Company Vintage Rentals were getting out of the rental business.   They were going to sell off all of their items but they preferred to sell as a bulk to possibly another rental company.  I gave them an email to see if this rumor was true and set up a time to meet, Chad and Brandy from Carver Junk Company.

I have heard of this store but haven’t made it to one of their sales yet.  When I asked why they were getting out of the rental business, their answer was “Our store keeps us plenty busy!”.   A few exchanged emails and phone calls later, and I started making my trips with the trailer to pick up the new purchases!  I couldn’t be anymore excited about this new inventory!

So what did I pick up so far??  Here are a few pictures of what you can expect to find when you visit the shop of rentals.





8, 8ft wood church pews.

sewing machine tub


Milk glass.

orange sofa

Beautiful Orange vintage sofa.

I also picked up their dinnerware plate, brass candlesticks, old books, wire baskets, and more!  They have been so great to work with and so accommodating.  If you haven’t been to their store in Carver, you must go check it out!!  They do such beautiful work, it’s no wonder they had to cut something out of their busy schedule!

Feel free to contact me about any of these items for rent at or 763.568.2864

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