Take Two Old Shutters and TONS of Movies….

A few summers ago, I came across a group of old tall shutters.  They were so unique and had pretty green paint chipping off of them.  I’ve moved them around until I could figure out what to do with them.  I’ve hung on to 3 of them for awhile now.

When we moved into our new home, our old TV cabinet wasn’t going to fit in this house.  (Literally, too big!)  So I had no where to put the 1 million Disney movies that we had.  (And yes, I still have all the old VHS’ too!  Live on VHS!!)  My uber super creative mother-in-law suggested to make a cabinet out of the shutters.  Well duh!!!  Great Idea!


It was built, and I painted it black and stained the shelve for contrast and you get a unique movie cabinet!


Not all the movies are in yet, but some of the shelves are adjustable so my AWESOME VHS’ will fit.


This would have looked good with 2 old windows or doors as well.  So what do ya think!?

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