Repurposing A Wooden Chicken Nester For The Porch

It’s no secret that we moved to a farm, got chickens and try to consider ourselves small town, country livin’ folk.  AND it’s no secret that I love the old farm/country type stuff.  So, when my mother-in-law found this wooden chicken nester, she gave me first dibs and knew I would probably take it and use it as décor somehow.   And that’s EXACTLY what I did!!

On my facebook page, I posted the Before picture of this nester.  In case you missed it, here it is again.

chicken nest

Dull, but LOTS of potential!

Are you ready for the after???  I bet you just scrolled down and looked at the pictures without even reading this first…  I would have too.


The original plan was to hang it on the house.  But after much thought, I decided not to do that, being the house has wood siding and is very old.  I really didn’t like the idea of tampering with it and putting more holes in it.  I want it to last as long as it can.  I love the old wood siding!!  Such wonderful character to our house.


So, with the idea from my MIL (without her even realizing it) I thought to make a stand for it!!!  (Seriously brilliant RIGHT!?  I can’t believe I haven’t been hired by some big invention company yet!!!)





It looks so good with my pretty white rockers.


I slapped on some Cabot oil to the nester and paint to the base I made and moved it to the porch.

Sorry, this one won’t be for sale, HOWEVER, I have another one!!!!  Yes, I really do!  And I’m working on that one right now!  The nester isn’t wood, it’s actually galvanized, but I will be painting the entire unit.  That one will be for sale once finished.


  1. Barb Raboin says:

    Beautiful! Perfect for your porch!

  2. I really like this … good job and looks great on your porch. Perfect with the table or stand.
    Saved it and will try to copy.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

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