My Growing Girls’ New Bedroom!!

Happy Friday Everyone!!!  It may be snowing (again) but I’m finally getting the pictures up of my daughter’s room.  I have to be honest, I’ve had her room done for weeks.  But I’ve been afraid to post pictures because she has already ‘moved’ back into her room.  Meaning, these pictures aren’t going to look straight out of a magazine.  Her shelves filled up with toys and books, and walls covered with her crafts.  I have come to terms that I’m ok with that.  It shows there is a little creative mind that lives in this room.  And I love all of it.

  This was the first time she has been able to share her input in colors and décor ideas.   What she wanted was blue, more storage, cowgirl stuff everywhere, and lighting by her bed.  Pretty easy to achieve.

  It was time to get some fresh paint on these walls.  Her room and my son’s room were nick-named the clown rooms.  There has been at least 4 different paint colors on those poor walls.  And they were all pretty bright!!  Lime green, pink, blue, and yellow.  The last color (yes, this would be 5th color) was tan, but you could see the previous paint through that.  The ceilings were water-marked from previous water damage and covered with smudged paint.  Everything had to be painted!!

She wanted a blue color.  Dark blue!  Ummm……..  Maybe a pretty light blue??  She agreed.  I found some pretty curtains at Target.   I brought home some paint samples and matched colors that would work well with the curtains.  I really like Lament Blue from Valspar.  But I went to home depot and had them paint match, because frankly, I just like Behr paint better.



Her room before…  Brown walls, with other multiple colors hiding underneath.  Very brown, blah.  Sort of set up for a boys room.

T room t room2 t room3


Room in Progress.  Paint on the walls and bookshelves done.  I made these bookshelves!  Find out how here.




One of my favorite things are the curtains.  I love checking out Target’s clearance section and happen to find 1 curtain panel for the cheap.  Brought it home and T said she loved it.  So I went back and got another to match.  (Had to pay full price for that one, but hey, deal is a deal)  You can find the curtains here.





An old horse picture that Grandma had found sits on top of a bookshelf.  I would have liked to have it framed, but it’s on a canvas and pretty badly warped.  So if any of you have any other ideas on how to do that, suggestions are appreciated.



She even has cowgirl boots with a little bit of blue.




I bought this light fixture a few years ago.   This was originally hard wired and had sort of ugly large round glass globes.

I did get a new cord as well as new glass globes.



The cord I got, has a clicker switch to be able to turn it on and off without having to unplug it.  You can find it here.


New seeded glass globes, new cord, matching fabric to cover the cord, and a little elbow grease, this lamp turned out great.


This is a cozy space and now a light to add the perfect reading nook.  Now to add a small shelf or something to hold some books in this tight space.


I had fabric left over from the light switch covers that I made a little valance for a smaller window in her room.


I found this cute shelf at a sale and thought it would be perfect to go with the horse theme.


(Filled up bookshelves)


My daughter’s little desk area.  Great with a lamp and her magnetic chalkboard.


I still have to paint or replace trim as well as fix or replace the closet doors.  I’ll wait until I can finally open some windows to do those things though.



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    Perfect room for Tora! Really nice!

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