Rustic Shelves Using Barn Wood

As a mother, we often try and do the right things to keep ourselves ahead of the game.  Get stuff packed up and cleaned up the night before, makes LOTS of To-do lists, set out clothes the night before, plan to bring a purse full of wipes just in case and the list goes on and on.  HOWEVER, reality is, anyone who is a parent knows it doesn’t matter how prepared you try to be, something can always go wrong and throw a wrench in your well thought out plans.

These shelves have been done for nearly 3 weeks and I’m finally getting around to sharing them now.  That just happens I guess.  But hey, they are done!!  That’s the biggest plus!

Back to the point, shelves, using barn wood.  I received a bunch of pretty rustic barn wood.  I love the rustic elegance of it.  Especially when you mix it with pretties.  These were pretty easy to make.

First, I measured the space I wanted the shelves to go.  We have a great spot above our toilet that there is a wall on each side.  My original plan was to make floating shelves.  But I thought it could be much easier and I could still use the pretty barn wood.

barnwood barnwood1

This is what I started with.  Beautiful raw wood.  Very dried out, but pretty.  I made my cuts, did some light sanding, and added oil.

IMG_3622 IMG_3626

Here is my big ole’ empty space in the bathroom.


So much better.  I like the filler it brings over the big empty space above the toilet.


I can have extra towel space.  Yay!

IMG_4179 IMG_4181


I wanted to see the red paint.  So I turned them ‘upside down’ you could say.  The other side is just plain wood with no paint.


I had tot add apothecary glassware.  I put homemade soaps and Epsom salts in them.


I added the brackets I got from Hobby Lobby.


I love the extra space they have added in our closet!  I love the rustic look.  The basket holds curling irons.  🙂

So what do you think?

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