Blue Bench…Two-Toned Painting

Sometimes, I have a tendency of starting more than a few projects at one time.   This past week was one of ‘THOSE’ weeks that I did just that.  And it always seems of a challenge I take on each week, being a mother of three, painting in between nap times or whenever Hubby is around to watch the kiddos for an hour or two.   Or in the silence of the night once everyone is safely tucked into bed.  However, I truly enjoy getting out to the shop, turning up the country music and jamming out in my own little world and getting my paint on!

Here a couple of cuties I have just finished up!



This color blue is not even a real color that I can give a name too.  I had picked out a color for our living room, and it was not how I expected.  I tried changing the color myself by adding other paint.  But failed.  I decided on a completely different color all together, and was left with a full gallon of this blue paint.  How pretty is it on this bench!?


It has black as the first coat of paint, and then I painted the blue over it and distressed it.


I’m really liking this look, what do you think of it?


  1. Just saw a pic of your bench and whats so funny is I just painted a hope chest that same color before I saw yours we must be related ha ha

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