Old Wooden Lamp Gets Revived!!

I really can’t wait to share this!  After my dad passed away, we were going through piles and piles of STUFF.  I came across this old dirty lamp in the shed.  I thought it was strange that he kept it, especially in the shed.  I told my hubby to hold onto it so I could ask my grandma the story behind it.

I’m sure glad I did.  My dad made it when he was in High School!  There wasn’t much to it other than a very old cord and a lot of dirt.  This lil guy has potential to look great again!

Before, it had it’s fair share of dirt on it.  And 1970 called, they wanted their cord back!!


(I’m pretty sure there has got to be a funny ECard out there somewhere about these old lamp cords.)


I could’ve saved a few bucks by painting the old hardware pieces…..  But I didn’t.


Good ole’ trusty Murphy Oil to clean it up nicely.



I did wipe on some oil to give it it’s shine back.


The new hardware looks nice.  I picked everything up at Lowes.  Putting the new cord and new hardware together took me 10 minutes.  I just bought the same exact stuff, took it apart, and put it back together exactly the same.  (Ok, hubby helped a little!)

Here is a great tutorial on how to re-wire a lamp.


Added the lamp shade and it fits in my son’s space perfectly.


I have my share of items I’ve kept of my dad’s, but this I gave to my son to have and to cherish.  Yes, it’s ONLY a lamp, but it’s something!  And it’s one more thing out of the shed and in use!


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