Kids’ Art Board…I Made This One For Only $15!!! No Saw Needed!

The past few weeks I have been frantically trying to finish up the 17 projects I have started.  I don’t know why I do that to myself sometimes.  I just need to finish one at a time.  But I don’t think I know what that means.  Anyways….

We have a pretty nice long hallway by the kids’ bedrooms.   If your kids are anything like mine, their art projects from school come pouring in and camouflage the refrigerator.  So what a better way to be able to display their WONDERFUL projects and see where the milk goes again!

This project was so simple and easy enough for ANYONE to do.  It literally took me a total of minutes to do.  You can go all out more, if you’d like, but for me I just wanted something simple and quick.

This is what you’ll need…

-A piece of wood.

-Screw/drill gun or screw driver

-D-Ring hooks for hanging pictures


-Wire cutter (Or scissors depending on the thickness of wire that you use.)


-Paint (optional)

-Drill with drill bit (optional)

-Very eager children!  😉 (Not optional, hehehe…)

I’m sure you could do this project for a lot cheaper depending on the type of wood you use.  I picked up this really unique looking wood and it cost me about $7.50.  Which seems like a lot for just one pieces.   I just really liked how rustic and natural it looks.

All I did with the wood was sand the edges down a little bit with some sand paper and wiped on some Teak Oil.

You can see my post on the Incubator I refinished using Teak Oil here.

This board is approximately 8 feet long.  Again, I have a nice super long hallway and this worked perfectly where as I didn’t need to cut it down at all.  You can cut it whatever length you need it at.


I had some of this paper-like wrapped wire.  I think I got this from Joann’s and it was near the floral section.  But any wire, string, or rope will do.  As long as it can withstand kiddos constantly messing with it.  I would suggest some sort of wire due to stretching over time.


First, I flipped the wood to its back side.  I wanted to attach my hooks to hang it on the wall.  This is where I pre-drilled a hole.  This helps prevent stripping the screw and helps the screw go all the way in without any problems.  I pretty much do this every time.  You don’t have to, but it really helps.


Once I got 2 of the D-ring hooks attached to the back, I flipped it over to the front side and attached 2 more D-ring hooks but at a sideways angle.


Again, I pre-drill holes here as well.


Then all I have to do is wrap my wire around these hooks.  Super easy right!?


That is it!!!


I attached it to the wall low enough so the kids can reach, but high enough that the baby can not!


I bought a small pack of these clothespins and painted them black.  For a pack of 24 cost me $4.  You can find these pretty much anywhere that sells small decorative wood parts, like Joann’s or Michaels.


This whole project only cost me about $15 to make.  And not very much time.

The kids already started hanging stuff.  I’m sure it won’t be long before the have it filled up!

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