Outdoors Here In The Country… A Frosty Morning!

Happy Wednesday!  It has been a long week already.  Sick kids, snow storms, just the norm. But I woke up this morning and looked out the windows.  Such beautiful frosty trees!  What a wonderful treat.  I wouldn’t consider myself a photographer and I probably never will.  But I love capturing the moments like these.


I had to step out on the porch and take a big deep breath of the brisk cold air and snap a few pictures.



The rocking chair looks so lonely!  I can only picture myself sitting out here in a few months with my coffee watching the sun rise in this rocker.




It’s supposed to be another nice day out today.  Then more snow to come for us.  But for today, I may just need to bundle the babes up and get outside and just enjoy the 40 degrees we are supposed to get.

Hope you all get to get out and enjoy the day as well.

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