Light Switch Cover Makeover!

I’ve been slowly getting little things done in each of the kids’ bedrooms.  On one wall, my daughter’s room has a little cluster of switches.  I thought I could dress them up a bit.  It was a lot easier than I thought too!  But I can’t help myself with these little details.

What you will need:

-Mod Podge


-Small Foam Brush

-Cheap Light Switch Cover


She got to choose the fabric she wanted.  It’s a thinner fabric, not to have much bulging while putting it on.


I figured out which parts of the fabric I wanted to show up on the switches and cut around it.


Better to over-cut than have to cut again because I didn’t have enough.


Slapped on the mod podge.


Then I covered the switch with the fabric.  I then cut out square sections on the corners so they could just overlap versus having too much fabric in my way.


Added some more podge and folded the edges down.  I did go around the edges and put a little more podge to prevent fraying or peeling off.


That’s it!  Now to cut my holes.


I cut a small slice through the center then cut to each corner.  Turned the switch to the back and added more podge.  I also cut very small holes for the screws to get through the fabric as well.


I held the switch up to my windows so I didn’t have to guess where I was cutting.  Brilliant, right!?

Ta Da!!



The best part, is if she changes her mind as the years go by, I can just go pick up some more cheap light switches and decorate however.


It was so easy, that I even did it while my mini-me was hanging around!!

I know, how can I seriously get anything done with this cute face!?


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