Vanity Makeover, Before and After Photos

On my Facebook Page I posted a picture of some fabric and a purple vanity.  I asked which fabric to use on the bench that goes with it.  And boy oh boy, did I get some responses!  Thank you everyone!!!   I’m very indecisive.  It’s really a curse.

vanity fabric

Here is the before on this vanity.


AFTER!!  I choose the printed fabric.  It’s very neutral.  I really like the contrasting colors as well.  The black in the print goes really great with the black handles.  These are original handles too!  I just gave them a little paint to refresh.


This purple vanity makeover is almost complete.  I had a little hiccup with the very large mirror that goes with it and am working on it still.


And let me tell you!!  Going out to the shop today was a feat in it’s own!  The wind is terrible today!  To the right, you can barely see the evergreens that are in OUR yard!



So what do you think of the purple??  They say the purple is a hot color this year!


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