Chunky Chalkboard/Magnetic Board

I was out shopping around at a local hardware store, and my eye caught this wood.  It was rustic and the cuts weren’t straight.  My kind of rustic!!  So I had to go back a week later and take another look.  It was still pretty, so I bought a few pieces.  Not sure for what yet.  I loaded it up and brought it home and got it in my shop, waiting…

When my dad passed away, my husband and I learned very quickly my dad was an “Organized Hoarder”.  (YES!!  There is such a thing!)  He had all these different sized sheets of scrap metal.  Why?  Not really sure.  Knowing him, someone was probably trying to get rid of it and he said he would take it.  ALL!  Needless to say, now we have all this random scrap metal.  (Organized Hoarders, yes we are!)

I’m still in the process of re-decorating the kids’ rooms.  And then a light bulb went off!!  I’m going to make a frame and use the sheet metal to make a chalkboard that will multi-purpose as a magnetic board!  (See, it’s not hoarding if you actually have a use for it.)   I figured this is perfect for in my son’s room right above his desk area.


I used my Kreg Jig Jr to make the frame.  Added some Teak Oil  .  Painted the sheet metal with a few layers of chalkboard paint.  Screwed the metal to the back and….DONE!


I added a piece of hardware to hold chalk and smaller magnets.  Isn’t this wood beautiful!!  I love it’s imperfections.


I did add a few pieces of the felt pieces to the back.  Mostly on the screws and anywhere I thought the wood would touch the walls.  My son is 6 years old and I’m sure he’ll be using this a lot and this will hopefully save my walls a little from being scratched up.

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