Refinished Incubator With An Oil Finish

A few months back, I picked up this old worn out Incubator.  It had some serious potential!!  Other than the legs being chewed up a little, it was in great shape.  My idea??  What a great coffee table, right!?

I’m still trying out other finishes on pieces of furniture.  I’ve never tried an oil finish.  I’ve had the wax, brush on poly, wipe on poly, shellac, spray on’s etc.  But not yet an oil.  This was a piece that was perfect for trying it out on.

Here’s the before…



I’m not really sure of what the components are called nor their purposes.  However, there was this thinger on the side.  Rusty, dirty, icky.  I took the outer cover piece off…..


See how ‘rusty’ looking it was….


This is what I uncovered!!!  Copper!  How cool right?  I never would have guessed this is what was under all that old rust.


I did a light sanding and took (tugged and pulled) the hardware off.




When I went to the local store for oil, they only had two kinds.  I know this isn’t Teak wood, but thought I would try the teak oil anyways.  It was a wipe on oil and it easy to apply.


I added some new hardware but spray painted it to get the copper look.




It turned out pretty nice.  I love the rustic look.  The legs still looked chewed up, but such great character.


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  1. Very, very cool coffee table! Love it! I know I’d trip and break a kneecap over the “thinger” on the side, but very cool indeed! Awesome vision!

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