Kids Bedrooms… Still in the works

This weekend we started working on the kids’ bedrooms.  It’s time to get the rest of their stuff out of boxes and organized!  I’m not sure why, but things always seem quicker in your mind than reality.  Reality is, we have 3 kids and only two of us.  Can you say OUT NUMBERED!  Plus one came down with the flu.  But Hubby and I pressed on.  Even if it meant us staying up till 1 am, we were going to get stuff done.

Today is Tuesday, and we still have lots to do, but did get a lot done.  The biggest wrench were the ceilings.  With the house being nearly 90 years old and right off a dirt road, there were water leaks in the ceiling from previous roof leaks.  I thought it would have been an easy touch up.  Turns out the ceilings were so dirty from the dirt road, they all had to be repainted!!

This is NOT, I repeat, NOT to be done without a glass of wine, or scotch.

Anyways, we are making progress…..



The bookshelves I built for my daughter’s room.  The nice smaller size will work out for her long and narrow room.



In my son’s room, he wanted RED walls.  We compromised and did a red stripe.  The fun metal (and heavy) locker shelf he has, wouldn’t fit up the stairway.  Hubby had to take the whole thing apart and bring it up in pieces.  The building of it is still in progress.  I think he had too much scotch…..

KIDDING!!   It was the baby’s bedtime.


I decided to paint the dresser red as well.  I thought mixing in more reds will make him think he got red walls.  Right??


Still need to get curtains hung and finish up some painting in my daughter’s room.  As well create a beautiful chandelier from this old light fixture.


Then after the painting is all done and the decorating is done, (ya know the fun stuff) then the pain of going through all their “stuff” and getting rid of the over abundance of toys they both have and downsizing.

Wish me luck!



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