New Furniture Pieces… In Progress

After spending the last HOTTEST months in our new house this past summer, I have learned that the humidity in the shop is just too hard to work around.  With that being said, freezing winter months are the times I will get to do some painting.  As my baby is nearing 8 months old, I am able to leave her with others more and more to get out there and work. Here is what I’ve been working on…



I have finished up this great oak bar.  It is so solid and sturdy.  The top turned out better than I thought given the semi-rough shape it was in.  But a little elbow grease and viola!  I thought about adding something unique to the front side.  Maybe some vintage looking game boards or a bicycle wheel??  What do you think?

IMG_3234 IMG_3235

I had some spare cedar boards left over.  So I made another small shelf with them.  And as I looked around my shop, because all the hooks I have are too big, I came up with these bolts for hooks instead!!  Cute huh!?  Now go rummage through your garage!


Working on more boxes!


This pink holder I got from a friend.  (Yes, I’ve had it this long Nissa!)  It is metal and cute.  But I wanted to come up with a little something extra for it.  I had some extra wood laying around and made a ‘frame’ for it.  A great way to add a little rustic charm to something so bright.


This hutch is still in progress.  I bought this from a friend.  It has these GREAT seeded glass doors on them.  I’ve moved this around with us on the move to this house and was SOOOO proud that not a single piece of glass had broken in the process!!!  Until a few days ago when I went to paint the doors, pressed too hard on one of the doors and CRACK!!  Yep, I almost cried.  But I had a few choice words with myself, moved on and ordered another piece of glass.  So this one will be coming soon and still with the seeded glass.

(p.s. seeded glass doors are EXPENSIVE if you ever have to replace them.)  But very much worth it.

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