Rustic Bathroom Shelf

I have been on a roll trying to get some parts of our home organized and setting up a place for everything.  The bathrooms have been a focus for me.  Before we had a couple towel bars.  Which weren’t bad until they kept falling apart every time you reached for a towel.  Plus, you could only really put 2 towels on one bar.  With three kiddos and the hubby and I, we just need more spots.

Here is the previous towel bar.


Here is the other towel bar that kept falling off.  I don’t mind the color in the bathroom right now, so when I made the new shelf hook, I made it long enough to cover the pre-existing holes.  This way I don’t have to worry about repainting or patching up any walls.


I used a 2 X 6 and 1 X 3 boards.  I used my Kreg Jig and some wood glue to attach them.  Then added my knobs.  I thought using the old looking faucet handles for in the bathroom was appropriate.


I hung the shelf by just marking where my studs in the wall were and screwed wood screws through the wood into the studs.  Kids will be using this, so I thought going right into studs would be worth the hassle.

My lil man putting the finishing touches on it.

IMG_3153 IMG_3151

The shelf has just big enough so they are able to put their shampoos and washes near their hooks.  They sure love having their own little spots to put their stuff.






Onto the next home projects!

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