DIY Baby’s Handprint

Even though this project didn’t turn out EXACTLY how I planned it in my head, I thought I would still share it.  I wanted a Christmas picture and handprint for my 3rd baby’s 1st Christmas.  My other two kids are 6 and 8.  And I have tree ornaments with their handprints.  But with this baby, I have something I didn’t have with the other two.  PINTEREST!!  Did you guess I would say that??!  I have seen so many cute projects for baby’s first Christmas and I wanted to do something special.

I started out with a piece of scrap wood that I had laying around.  Sanded the edges a little and threw on some stain.


For the picture, I printed the Christmas picture of her out on canvas.  I figured this would keep better over the years, where as paper would curl or get wrinkled.  I also printed the words out on canvas too.  When I say canvas, I used the painters canvas from Lowes in the paint section.


I tested out my fonts and sizing on regular paper first, then printed out the canvas when I was ready.


To print onto canvas, I cut a piece of canvas out the size of a piece of paper.  Then used spray adhesive to attach the canvas to the paper.   It helps get the canvas through my printer.  Otherwise, it just kept bunching up inside the printer.

I then used modge podge to attach the lettered piece of canvas.  And hot glue gun to attach the clip that will hold the picture.  Now time for the hand paint and the baby. 

IMG_3011 IMG_3012

She thought it was great, as you can see.  I did have a wash cloth in arms reach and ready to go when I got done.


Here is my little sign.  As you can see, the handprints didn’t go very well.  I could do it over, but then I wouldn’t have the story.  I’m aiming for the memories, not perfection.  That sounds good, right?


The clip is the only thing holding the picture on.  That gives me the option to change it out in years to come or if it gets damaged, I can always print out a new one. 

(Side note: I did end up doing the salt dough handprint ornament for the tree too.  I needed something for the tree.)


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