Unique Shelf with Crates

I have to say I’m pretty excited about this project!!  Awhile ago, while browsing pictures online somewhere, I came across a picture of a living room.  In the corner it had a shelf type thingy and it had a few tiers on it.  Crates were not used to make it but it sure gave me that idea!! 


Three years ago, these crates were the HOT item.  Two years ago, yay.  Last year, I just need for them to go away now.  I wanted to come up with something creative.  And I think I did, not to toot my own horn.  (Toot toot!!!!!)

Anyways, here we go….


I picked up 4 of these corner metal brackets.  And I already had 5 crates that are nearly the same size as each other.


I screwed small screws to attach these brackets.  I did pre measure to make sure the shelves have enough room to actually grab stuff in and out of them and be semi evenly spaced.


Of course, I didn’t have small enough screws with fat heads on them, so I had to add small washers. 


I started with one side and kept going!


Seriously, how cool is this!!!  Probably took me 30 minutes to do. 


I can’t decide if it’ll be for sale at the show, or coming in the house for the kids hats and gloves.  Either way, this turned out really great.  I really like the industrial look to it with the wooden crates.   I thought about putting the kids’ intials on the empty crates or maybe just some numbers. 

Or who knows, it might be at the show in September!


  1. This idea is awesome! Are the metal pieces the corners used for drywall or something else?

    • Hi Susan, I didn’t use those. I saw those and thought about using those but they were a little flimsy feeling. In the hardware section, they had all different sizes of the nice heavy duty steel ones. I figure if this was used by kids, it would need to be durable.

  2. great idea – hope you don’t mind, I’m pinning!

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